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We’re proud to announce that Dr. Vesh Srivatana, Director of Peritoneal Dialysis, has been selected as a winner in Round 1 of the KidneyX COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge, for his proposal on the Development of Telemedicine-enhanced PD training protocols during COVID-19.

The goal of this project is to facilitate peritoneal dialysis (PD) training using telemedicine to supplement in-person training visits and minimize potential COVID-19 exposure.

KidneyX Challenge is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Society of Nephrology to idenitfy solutions that could reduce the transmission of coronavirus among people with kidney disease and/or reduce the risk of kidney damage among people who contract the virus.
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Dr. Jeffrey Silberzweig, Chief Medical Officer at Rogosin, was interviewed by MedPage Today on the critical need for dialysis patients to be considered priority to receive COVID vaccinations.
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Daniel Cukor, PhD, Director of Rogosin’s Behavioral Health Program, has a new book published, “Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Kidney Disease: Exploring the Impact of CKD, Dialysis, and Transplantation on Patients”. 

Daniel Cukor, PhD, Director of Rogosin’s Behavioral Health Program and a leading researcher on psychosocial issues and renal disease, is the lead editor of a new book, “Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Kidney Disease: Exploring the Impact of CKD, Dialysis, and Transplantation on Patients”.  This is the first book dedicated solely to the emotional and psychological challenges faced by people with renal disease, and will serve as an essential point of reference for nephrology care-givers. Dr. Cukor brought together articles from some of the leading researchers in the world who are working toward understanding the psychological and human elements of kidney disease.   The book has 24 chapters that cover the full range of chronic kidney disease stages with topics ranging from depression and anxiety to pain, sexuality and social support.  Dr. Nathaniel Berman, nephrologist at Rogosin, authored the chapter on palliative care.  Dr. Cukor looks to bring this expertise to the patients of Rogosin and will be initiating new behavioral health programs.   One initiative will be to help Rogosin patients address depression by offering chair-side specialty care.  Another upcoming research program will be a clinical trial designed to help patients on dialysis better cope with their pain. For more information about Dr. Cukor and Behavioral Health at Rogosin click HERE or to order the book from the publisher click HERE.

Dr. Leif Oxburgh, Director of Rogosin’s Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, receives a new research grant.

Dr. Leif Oxburgh, Director of The Rogosin Institute’s Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, is one of three principal investigators of a new grant of $3.14 million over 5 years from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestives and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) for the development of artificial kidney tissue to replace human kidney tissue that is lost to disease or injury. 

Creating new kidney tissue in the laboratory is complex and requires collaboration across organizations to assemble all of the necessary expertise. This project is a collaboration in which research teams at the Rogosin Institute, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center focus on understanding how laboratory-grown kidney tissue can be integrating into failing kidneys. The Rogosin team led by Dr. Oxburgh is making the building blocks of new kidney tissue in the laboratory, The Mount Desert Island team led by Dr. Iain Drummond, PhD is defining essential biological processes that control the fusion of laboratory-grown tissue with host kidneys, and the UT Southwestern team led by Dr. Marciano, MD, PhD is studying structural changes that must occur in tissue for integration to occur. This research project is part of the larger ReBuilding a Kidney Consortium funded by NIDDK which aims to focus researchers with diverse expertise on the challenge of creating functional kidney tissues that one day may be used as replacement kidneys.

This funding is a far-sighted investment by NIDDK in developing technology that can help the large numbers of people who are on waiting lists to receive a kidney transplant.  Rogosin and Dr. Oxburgh are excited to be a part of this initiative to develop the next generation of therapy for kidney disease. To read more about Rogosin’s Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory link HERE and to read the MDI Biological Laboratory Press Release for the grant link HERE

Recent Publications

“Prevalence of Inferior Vena Cava Compression in ADPKD”, KI Reports, Jon Blumenfeld, MD

“Personal Experiences of Patients in the Interaction of Culture and Kidney Disease”, CJASN, Daniel Cukor, Ph.D.

“Peritoneal Dialysis for Acute Kidney Injury Treatment in the United States: Brought to You by the COVID-19 Pandemic”, ASN’s Kidney 360

“Asynchronous mixing of kidney progenitor cells potentiates nephrogenesis in organoids”, Communications Biology