Kidney Disease

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Compassionate Clinical Care at The Rogosin Institute

The Rogosin Kidney Center, part of The Rogosin Institute, has been a worldwide leader in caring for people with all forms of kidney disease for over 50 years and sees 12,000 patients with kidney problems each year.

Comprehensive Treatment for Kidney Disease in NYC

If you need to see a nephrologist The Rogosin Kidney Center is the most comprehensive facility for the treatment of kidney diseases from all causes, including kidney disease caused by high blood pressure and diabetes as well as managing patients before and after kidney transplantation.  Our team consists of over 20 nephrologists, specialized nurses, nurse educators, dietitians, and social workers and working together to help manage your kidney disease. Our goal is to provide the best individualized care for each patient. We care for patients with all forms and stages of the disease, such as chronic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, and end stage renal disease.

Program for Education in Advanced Kidney Disease

For patients with advancing kidney disease, Rogosin’s Kidney Center has a unique and specialized PEAK program (Program for Education in Advanced Kidney Disease) to collaborate with your nephrologist and manage your kidney disease now and plan for a future with kidney disease.  Our goal is for each patient with kidney disease to live life to the fullest.

Dialysis Services

If you are on dialysis and want information about our dialysis centers The Rogosin Institute provides all options for dialysis.  Rogosin has been providing dialysis services for more than 50 years and helped pioneer home dialysis options as well.

“We’ve gained national recognition for outstanding work in the field of kidney disease, and have a more than 50-year history of setting medical milestones. We take pride in providing comprehensive care and never limiting our approach to one type of therapy. Rather, we provide integrated, coordinated care in a not-for-profit setting, treating patients with early stage kidney disease, as well as those needing transplantation care.”

John Wang, MD, PhD, The Rogosin Institute

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