Rogosin donates computers to CAMBA Kensington Family Shelter

Promoting Better Health in Brooklyn by Bridging the Digital Divide

Rogosin develops partnerships with key organizations that help our patients with additional services ultimately improving their quality of life and overall well-being.  CAMBA, a non-profit agency that provides services in the following core areas (Economic Development, Education, Family Support, Health, Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Legal Services), is one example of a key organization that Rogosin collaborates with to promote better health and healthcare in Brooklyn through several community initiatives.

One unexpected but important outcome from this partnership is the creation of a new computer lab established at CAMBA’s Kensington Family Shelter in Brooklyn.  Dr. Daniel Levine, Chief Information Officer at Rogosin, organized a donation of 21 recycled Apple computers, a printer, as well as technical assistance to the Kensington Family Shelter.  This donation has enabled children and families to complete homework assignments, create resumes, conduct online job searches, and obtain health information and resources, all improving their quality of life.

Since the computer lab launch in May, seven residents from the shelter have already found jobs and are looking for affordable housing now that they have the technological tools available at the shelter.  Once employed, families are covered by health insurance, which, in turn, gives them access to healthcare and a path to better health.

Dr. Barry Smith, President, and CEO of Rogosin, commented that “Providing the residents of The Kensington Family Shelter with the technology to learn marketable skills and create better opportunities- and lives for them and their families- is as much a part of healthcare as the medical things we do.  We are privileged to be able to do this for these families”.

Rogosin will be providing Apple computers to another CAMBA shelter in Brownsville this summer, opening up new opportunities for those residents and improved quality of life.