The Rogosin Institute Wellness Ambassador Program

The Rogosin Institute Wellness Ambassador Program was created to help patients with kidney disease take a leadership role in their health care decisions. The Ambassadors are peer-mentors living with kidney disease who provide first-hand guidance and support to patients, their families and/or caregivers to help them make informed therapeutic choices about treatment for their kidney disease.They are compassionate and knowledgeable people who are living a fulfilling life with kidney disease and can help patients understand and learn how to manage chronic kidney disease, no matter what stage of the disease from chronic kidney disease to end stage disease and transplantation. Rogosin’s Wellness Ambassadors include transplant recipients, dialysis patients and others with chronic kidney disease.

We have adapted to the current social distancing and safety requirements and incorporated Virtual Education Programs via Zoom for use by the Wellness Ambassadors. These Virtual Education event sallow the Ambassadors to meet with patients for encouragement and support as well as include additional education and continued shared experiences.

Rogosin’s healthcare team can connect patients with a Rogosin Ambassador who has lived with kidney disease and can share their experience and knowledge and what they have done to navigate kidney disease and its treatment options successfully.

Coming soon - some inspiring stories from our Wellness Ambassadors.