Health Ambassadors

L to R: Lisa Baxter, Cecilia Santana, Dr. Barry Smith, Dawn Edwards
L to R: Lisa Baxter, Cecilia Santana, Dr. Barry Smith, Dawn Edwards

Last year, Rogosin received a very generous grant from a Family Foundation in support of a community health project called "Breaking Through Barriers." This program was created to increase access to kidney transplantation and other kidney treatment modalities in underserved neighborhoods especially in Brooklyn as part of Rogosin's "Central Brooklyn Health Movement." At Rogosin, we believe everyone should have the information and tools to choose the best kidney care treatment option to optimize their quality of life no matter where they live. With increased education and engagement, we believe there will be more patients listed for kidney transplant, more willing living and/or deceased organ donors, and more patients pursuing home dialysis. This program also aims to increase awareness of kidney health and earlier detection of kidney disease. When kidney disease is diagnosed early, there are more options to prevent or delay progression to End-Stage Renal Disease.

For one initiative of this project, Rogosin organized and trained a team of Health Ambassadors to do outreach in Central Brooklyn and other communities to raise awareness about kidney health, and the need to increase the number of organ donors in order to facilitate access to transplantation. The Ambassadors are people already on the kidney disease journey who share their experiences to help others learn about their options and navigate their care. They teach patients about the different dialysis options and the benefits of transplantation. They also work with our partners in the community providing information on how to live healthy lives and prevent kidney disease and its risk factors, as well as identifying resources such as screening locations and/or clinics for early kidney disease detection and management. Our team of Ambassadors have been so successful in Brooklyn that other Rogosin staff and treatment centers have also reached out for their assistance. Through their stories and knowledge, they help empower patients to take control of their health and their lives.

Each Ambassador has a unique journey and story:

Lisa Baxter
Lisa is our favorite YouTube Star! Through her YouTube channel, she shares her personal experience, along with lots of information on the different aspects of living with kidney disease.
Watch here.

Dawn Edwards

Dawn's story of turning her life and health around continues to inspire us.

She is featured in our 2019 World Kidney Day Video here.

Cecilia Santana

Cecilia is an inspiring and hardworking Rogosin Health Ambassador AND serves on our Steve Olsen Run for Rogosin Committee!

Learn more about her here.

A special thank you to all our Health Ambassadors for sharing their journeys and helping patients have more confidence, knowledge, and motivation to take charge of their own health care and be their own advocates. We will be highlighting more Health Ambassadors in our next newsletter!