Announcing our new logo and look!

We are proud to announce our new logo, color and font as an updated identity reflecting the continued evolution of Rogosin.

We are already using the new logo on our website, Facebook, Twitter and soon you will see it everywhere else.  We believe this new look better matches who we are, what we’ve become and where we are headed.

A good logo is simple, but has the potential for multiple interpretations. Our new logo for The Rogosin Institute begins as an update to the current monogram: the curved lines within the circle can be read as an R and I. But those same lines also suggest a pathway, the journey that our patients take under our care or that our researchers embark on as they search for breakthrough discoveries. And the two resulting forms that surround the lines evoke that ancient symbol of dichotomy and wholeness, the yin and yang. This, in turn, might stand for the complex interrelationships between theory and practice, between the laboratory and the clinic, and between our professionals and the people we serve.

Of course, not all of these meanings will be evident at the moment our new symbol is introduced. Instead, the symbol might be best viewed as something that will grow in meaning with the passage of time, as it comes to be associated with all the good work we do at Rogosin. And the work itself has always been and will continue to be, the best symbol of what we stand for.

We hope you like the new look and feel for Rogosin!