Kidney Health Presentation: Wayside Senior Center

Mon, Feb 15, 2016 | -
460 Dumont Avenue
Brooklyn, NY , 11212

Rogosin nephrologist Dr. Minji Li and Pamela Hoyt-Hudson hand out materials after the kidney health presentation at Wayside Senior Center in Brooklyn. Thank you to our wonderful 51 participants! ‪#‎kidney consciousness‬

Most people don’t know anything about their kidneys and how important they are to their health, even the 26 million people who have kidney disease. If caught early, kidney disease can be slowed or even stopped.

In this presentation we discussed:

  • how kidneys function and how they keep you alive
  • the importance of early detection
  • the two simple, inexpensive tests people can get at their doctor’s office
  • how people can improve their lifestyles to prevent kidney disease