Health Outreach

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults in the United States is at risk for kidney disease? Your kidneys act as a filter, removing waste and extra fluid in your urine. They also help balance chemicals in your body and control your blood pressure. It is extremely important to keep your kidneys healthy! The two main causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure, which can be prevented or controlled, helping to keep the kidneys healthy.

Through its Center for Health Action and Policy (CHAP), Rogosin works with patients, families, and community organizations to raise awareness about kidney disease and its risk factors and to encourage healthy behaviors to prevent chronic diseases. Through partnerships with community-based organizations, CHAP aims to mobilize local residents, healthcare providers, youth, and community leaders to improve health outcomes in their neighborhoods.

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Kidney Health Education

CHAP hosts kidney health education classes to teach patients, families, and community members about how to keep kidneys healthy and what to do if your kidneys are not working properly.  Want to learn more about your kidneys? Contact us for more information on class schedules or to host a kidney health education event in your community.

Community Engagement

From small group participatory workshops to develop community-based action teams working to address local health issues to large community outreach events in partnership with city agencies and non-profit organizations CHAP is mobilizing community members to be active participants in building a healthier New York City.

Central Brooklyn Health Movement (CBHM)

Central Brooklyn Health Movement (CBHM)CBHM was launched in 2016 as part of a collective effort of local community leaders and The Rogosin Institute to educate and empower the people of Central Brooklyn to assume more responsibility to improve their own health and to encourage friends and family to practice healthy habits as well.

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