The Dreyfus Health Foundation (DHF), a division of The Rogosin Institute, was founded in 1988 and has helped over six million people around the world by challenging individuals to take action to solve the health and social issues affecting their communities.

Housed at the Jack J. Dreyfus Center for Health Action and Policy (CHAP), DHF uses Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®), a participatory planning methodology to empower local community members to create positive change. PSBH was developed with the idea that people experiencing health challenges are an essential part of the solution. PSBH starts with a planning workshop where participants:

  1. Define the problems impacting them
  2. Prioritize the problems
  3. Define a solution – solutions should be simple and actionable
  4. Create an action plan
  5. Take action

Since launching the PSBH program, over 1000 workshops have been held in 32 countries. More than 60,000 people have participated, resulting in more than 45,000 health promotion projects that have helped improve the health of millions of people. Over 100 medical and nursing schools have incorporated PSBH into their curriculums. 

Programs that fall under the PSBH umbrella:

Problem Solving for Better Health Initiative™ (PSBHI™)
emphasizes building broader coalitions and partnerships to impact health and quality of life. Read More

Problem Solving for Better Health - Nursing™ (PSBHN™) encourages nurses to realize their problem-solving potential so that they can lead individuals, families, and communities to better address healthcare issues. Read More