“Quality Nursing Care by Certified Nurses”

Dialysis/Nephrology nurse certification “is the formal recognition of the specialized knowledge, skills and experience demonstrated by the achievement of standards and identified by a nursing specialty to promote optimal health outcomes”. (American Board of Nursing Specialties, ABNS, 2004). Certification validates nurses’ skills, knowledge and abilities.

We at Rogosin are committed to supporting and assisting our nurses in obtaining and maintaining certification and are proud of those who have achieved this important accomplishment.

Nurses at Rogosin with special certification:

Rachael DiRienzo-Lawless, RN, MSN, CNN Rogosin Brooklyn East
Marian Clabby, RN, CNN Rogosin Brooklyn East
Desiree Sansculotte, RN, CDN Rogosin Brooklyn East
Renee McGuire RN, MSN, CNN Rogosin Manhattan West Side
Jillian Reid, MSN, RN, CDN Rogosin Manhattan West Side
Diane Morris MS, RN, CNN Rogosin Manhattan West Side
Maria Jona Villon, RN, CNN, CDN Rogosin Manhattan East
Roberta Billman, RN, MSN, CNN Jack Dreyfus Clinic
Nanette Power RN CCTN Jack Dreyfus Clinic
Soonduck Ko, RN, CDN Rogosin Auburndale
Minna Park, FNP-C, DNP, RN, CNN-NP Rogosin Queens Woodside