About Us

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, compassionate clinical care for people with kidney and other chronic diseases through a multifaceted, integrative approach that combines such care with:

  • Innovative, cutting-edge basic and clinical research, including the development of new, better treatments
  • Outcomes research and policy recommendations
  • Community outreach, education, and mobilization to prevent disease, as well as manage it more effectively when it does occur
  • Contribute new models for the improvement of U.S. health care

The Rogosin Institute has long been recognized as one of the premier centers for the diagnosis and management of kidney disease in the country.  Rogosin provides the majority of the inpatient and outpatient nephrology services at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, which was recognized by U.S. News and World Report in 2018 as one of the top six kidney centers in the U.S.

Rogosin is unique in its leadership role in the transformation of both the delivery of health, as well as the delivery of health care by developing, implementing and evaluating new models and approaches to the prevention, detection, and management of chronic and end-stage kidney disease.

Rogosin Kidney Care Center

Specialty Care Programs:

Xenia Division:

By the Numbers:

  • 510 employees
  • 1,600 dialysis patients
  • 12,000 patient visits annually at our kidney care center
  • 8 treatment centers in three boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens