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Kidney Disease Symptoms

The Jack. J. Dreyfus Clinic at Rogosin Kidney Center

The Rogosin Kidney Center (RKC) is the most comprehensive not-for-profit facility for the treatment of kidney diseases from all causes and in all stages. Rogosin Kidney Center physicians had 15,000 patient visits in the Dreyfus Clinic in 2007, where the dedicated staff were able to evaluate their kidney disease symptoms and diagnose and treat the different types of kidney disease. Many nephrologists at Rogosin have over thirty years experience in treating kidney disease including treatment for stage 4 kidney disease. Physicians who are experts in treating hypertension, diabetes and polycystic kidney disease are available so that patients with all complications are well managed. In addition, Rogosin's nephrologists are involved in clinical trials aimed at preventing the progression of kidney disease to end stage. By identifying the kidney disease symptoms quickly, the physicians are hoping earlier treatment for all types of kidney disease will prevent further health complications.

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#3 Ranking
Rogosin Kidney Center is a major contributor to #3 ranking of NYPH in kidney disease.

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Transplant Lab
Rogosin's Immunogenetics & Transplant Lab performs increasing numbers of tests for major transplant centers in New York City area.