Rogosin’s most important near-term project is the building of a new kidney care center on Linden Boulevard in East New York, Brooklyn, one of New York City’s most underserved and vulnerable areas.  

Rogosin currently leases a space on Pennsylvania Avenue in East New York, but the lease is expiring, and Rogosin needs a larger space for the additional educational and treatment services that are at the heart of Rogosin’s new model of integrative health care. In addition to a larger state-of-the-art dialysis facility Rogosin will also offer a program to help with the transition from chronic kidney disease to end stage renal disease and dialysis.  Patients who are at earlier stages in their kidney disease will receive treatment and education about ways to slow or halt its progression.  Those at risk due to family history or other factors will be screened to help prevent onset of the disease.  Education, screening, and prevention programs will also be available to the larger community surrounding the unit, with all of this effort aimed at enabling the people of the community to take more responsibility for their own health.

The building at Linden Boulevard has been purchased, construction will begin soon, and we anticipate that the Center will open its doors in early 2017. The Center will be not simply a dialysis facility, but also a community resource for better health and quality of life.

For additional information, please contact Rogosin’s Development Office at 646-317-0709.